Pipeline asset surveillance and leak detection support.

Despite major investments in technology, security and community stakeholder engagements, the revenue draining acts of pipeline vandalism still goes on today in Africa. Pipeline vandalism in Africa currently results in hundreds of thousands of barrels of crude oil lost to leakages and theft. The security and integrity of oil pipelines is a major challenge for Africa, hence the need for a monitoring system that can detect in real-time, leaks and damages due to vandalism and third-party intrusion.

At PAOS, we deploy pipeline intrusion detection condition monitoring system will help detect, locate and classify multiple threats in real-time, along the full length of your pipeline. We deliver a single system that detects leaks faster and more reliably, while simultaneously monitoring for third-party interference and other external pipeline threats to ensure the safety and integrity of your pipeline.

How we deliver

Our system uses distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) technology to transform a standard telecommunication fibre optic cable into a fully distributed sensor capable of detecting the physical characteristics of a leak, including changes in noise, temperature, pressure and ground strain, simultaneously and in real-time. The integration of these four modes into a single leak detection system not only provides improved sensitivity, but it also delivers the reliability required to identify and validate leaks faster and with more confidence. Our solution converts a conventional single-mode fibre optic cable into a series of listening devices or “virtual microphones” spaced 10 meters apart. Our deployed solution delivers the following alerts with an accuracy of +/- 10 m:

How It Benefits You

Our pipeline monitoring solution provides decision-ready data that optimises business decisions and operating costs by increasing operational efficiency, maximising productivity and reducing risk.

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