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Well diagnostic is a major part of well and reservoir asset management, Information about the condition of your wells would be inferred from the sudden rate of change of certain parameters (e.g. pressure, temperature, flow rate, etc.) within each well and close to the reservoir at the well-reservoir interface. This sudden change is transient thus a real-time detection would be useful in the root cause analysis of any existing problem.
At PAOS, we provide real-time data analysis using artificial intelligence and big data analytics. We have the expertise to deploy sophisticated AI algorithms to solve complex problems with remarkable accuracies which is possible only with the availability of quality big data – this big data would be provided through our state-of-theart PAOS Well Optimisation Technology (PWOT).

Our solution uses various:

It helps in oilfield recovery, eliminating down-time, and increasing profitability.

How it benefits you

PWOT is also used to detect opportunities for cost savings by simulating slim production scenarios and recommending them to our clients (Condition monitoring, Predictive maintenance and advanced visualisation techniques).

How we deliver

Our services are based on the principles of Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS), material balance, equation of state, black oil correlations, Computational Flow Dynamics (CFD) and nodal analysis (IPR & VLP) for well system performance..

Paradigm for Real-time Well Diagnostics and Optimisation

The analytics capability of PWO Tech. would be used to model the different operation scenarios that guide the design, diagnostics and optimisation of your wells.


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